IEV7S (e-S2 High Voltage System DTC Description)

S.NSystemFull nameRemark
1VCUVehicle Control Unit
2BMSBattery Management SystemLBC
3PCUPower Control UnitTMI
4ECElectrical compressor
5ACAir-conditioning controller
6CHROn board charger

VCU fault code VCU

DTC(decimal )
Workshop manual
DTC English description
111A CC signal after power on
233P3022DCDC system failure
344P0AA1Main positive relay failure
45537IMMO authentication failure
55739P3030Fast charging temperature sensor shorted to ground
6583AP302CVacuum pump controller message lost
7593BP302ASlow charging current smaller than current command
8603CP3034Battery pump idling
9613DP3035Battery pump locked
10623EP3036Battery pump over temperature
11633FP3037Battery pump speed too low
126440P3053Battery pump has no feedback
136541P3054Motor pump idling
146642P3055Motor pump locked
156743P3056Motor pump over temperature
166844P3057Motor pump speed too low
176945P3058Motor pump has no feedback
187046EVCC communication error
197147P0A0BHigh voltage interlock detection circuit failure
207248P3005Brake pedal digital signal error
217349P3001Brake pedal signal 1 shorted to the power supply
22744AP3003Brake pedal signal 2 shorted to the power supply
23754BP3000Brake pedal signal 1 shorted to ground
24764CP3002Brake pedal signal 2 shorted to ground
25794FP3004Brake pedal ratio is wrong
268050P3059Battery pump shorted to ground
278151P305ABattery pump shorted to the power supply
288252P305BMotor pump shorted to ground
298353Motor pump shorted to the power supply
308454Nboost message loss
318555P2122Accelerator pedal opening signal 1 shorted the power supply
328656P2123Accelerator pedal opening signal 2 shorted the power supply
338757P2127Accelerator pedal opening signal 1 shorted to ground
348858P2128Accelerator pedal opening signal 2 shorted to ground
35915BP2138Two-way accelerator pedal associated failure
369963P0A03Motor water temperature sensor shorted to the power supply
3710064P0A02Motor water temperature sensor shorted to ground
3810266Engaged the gear before powering up
3910367Engaged the gear without braking
4010468P0A94DCDC power failure
4110569Collision signal failure 1
421066ACollision signal failure 2
431076BShift when vehicle has speed ​​
441106EP3021Fast charging current too high
4511270P3023Slow charging current greater than current command
4611472P3024Slow charging current severe overcurrent
4711573P302BFast charging current greater than charging current command fault
4811674P3025Slow charging timeout
4911775Fast charging timeout
5011876P3027Slow charging relay failure
5111977Fast charging relay failure
5212078P3029Slow charging wake up timeout
531227AP302DBattery pack voltage too high
541237BCurrent matching error at the end of fast charging (current continues to drop)
551257DP3031Fast charging port over temperature
561267EP3038Battery does not match VCU program
571277FP3026Low temperature slow charging current monitoring
5812880P3027Low temperature fast charging current monitoring
5912981P3028Low temperature charging current monitoring
6013082P3039Heating system failure
6113183P303ARefrigeration system failure
6213284P303BChiller turned on by mistake
6313385P303CChiller turned off by mistake
6413486P303DHeater turned on by mistake
6513587P303EHeater turned off by mistake
6613688P303FLow liquid level failure
6713789P3040Pump failure
681388AP3041Heater strip temperature too high
691398BP3042Single cell voltage too high
701408CUnexpected torque after power off
711418DP305E29A message lost
721428EHHC response error A
731438FHHC response error B
7414490AVH response error
7514591P3046EPB (2A9) message lost
7614692Motor program does not match VCU program
7714793P3047Cruise button shorted to the power supply
7814894P3048Cruise button shorted to ground
7914995P3049Cruise button out of range
8015096P304ACancel button stuck
8115197P304BReset button stuck
8215298P304CSet button stuck
8315399P304DCruise control rationality diagnosis
841549AP304ERunning unexpected torque monitoring A
851559BP304FRunning unexpected torque monitoring B
861569CP3050Running unexpected torque monitoring C
871579DP305132A message loss
881589EP3052 Accidental torque when cruising
891599FP3025Speed rationality diagnosis
90160A0P302ERefresh program error during PCU operation
91161A1P0A8DLow voltage system supply undervoltage
92162A2P0A8ELow voltage system supply overvoltage
93163A3P06425V power supply undervoltage
94164A4P06435V power supply overvoltage
95165A5P0603Initialization error
96169A9Battery over discharge failure during charging
97170AABattery cell temperature too high
98175AFGateway message loss
99176B0P301CIGBT turn-off timeout
100184B8P3014MC relay failure
101185B9P3012Motor controller initialization failed
102186BAP3013Battery management system initialization failed
103188BCP0AA4Main negative relay bonding failure
104189BDP0AA0Precharge relay failure
105190BEP3016Precharge timeout failure
106191BFP3018Motor capacitor discharge timeout failure
107192C0P3006The first gear position signal is abnormal.
108193C1P3007The second gear position signal is abnormal.
109194C2P3008The third gear position signal is abnormal.
110195C3P3009The fourth gear position signal is abnormal.
111196C4P300AShift logic error
112198C6P3011High voltage interlock short circuit fault
113199C7P3015High voltage loop safety fault A
114200C8P3017High voltage loop safety fault B
115202CAP3019Battery high voltage interlock
116203CBP300BPower battery cell voltage failure
117204CCP301APCU high voltage interlock failure
118205CDP301BAC high voltage interlock failure
119206CEP301DUnexpected torque
120207CFP300CBMS did not send current message
121208D0P300DBMS did not send voltage message
122209D1P300EBMS did not send temperature message
123210D2P300FTMI did not send a message
124211D3P301EIGBT temperature too high
125212D4P301FThe charger did not send a message
126213D5P3020Fast charging pile did not send a message
127230E6P3010Collision failure

BMS fault code

DTC(decimal )
Workshop manual
DTC English description
110AP310ABalance-off sign
2311FP311FAlert of battery cell’s dynamic voltage difference
33321P3121Battery temperature hoping
43725P3125CAN communication RollingCounter failure
53826P3126CAN communication CheckSum failure
63927P3127CAN communication Timeout failure
74028P3128Current sensor signal shorted to VCC
84129P3129Current sensor fault shorted to GND
9422AP312ACurrent sensor dual channel does not match
10432BP312BTemperature sensor shorted to VCC
11442CP312CTemperature sensor shorted to GND
12452DP312DInsulation check system short-circuit VCC
13462EP312EInsulation check system short-circuit GND
14472FP312FNo PWM signal change during insulation check
154830P3130Total voltage detection shorted to VCC
165032P3132Single cell voltage detection fault - SPI communication fault
175133P3133Single cell voltage detection fault - AD conversion fault
185234P3134Single cell voltage collection line loose
195335P3135Temperature acquisition distortion
205436P3136Splitter (fast charging, discharge)
215537P3137The single cell voltage does not match the total voltage
225638P3138Mis-opening of balance
235739P3139Mis-closing of balance
24583AP313AFLASH failure
25603CP313CFan turned on by mistake
26613DP313DFan turned off by mistake
27623EP313EPTC turned on by mistake
28633FP313FPTC turned off by mistake
296440P3140PTC temperature too high
306541P3141PTC instruction error
316844P3144Fan current too large
327046P3146Battery cell dynamic voltage difference too large
337147P3147Battery cell static voltage difference too large
347248P3148Splitter (slow charging)
358050P3150Insulation detection circuit open circuit failure
368151P3151Balancing loop failure
378555P3155Single cell temperature too high
38925CP315CBattery pack internal insulation fault
39935DP315DVehicle insulation fault
409660P3160Unbalanced battery temperature
411106EP316EHigh voltage interlock failure
4211270P3170Total pressure module failure
4311876P317612V power supply too low
4411977P317712V power supply too high
4512078P3178Thermal instability
4612179P3179Thermal instability level 2
471227AP317AAbnormal charging voltage
481237BP317BStill single-body self-discharge check_50Ω
491247CP317CStill single-body self-discharge check_100Ω
501257DP317DSingle body spray explosion
51163A3P31A3Battery cell voltage severely low
52166A6P31A6 Battery total voltage too high
53169A9P31A9Battery discharge overcurrent fault
54167A7P31A7Total battery voltage too low
55168A8P31A8Battery charging overcurrent fault
56170AAP31AABattery temperature too high
57171ABP31ABBattery temperature too low
58173ADP31ADBattery single cell voltage too low
59174AEP31AEBattery single cell voltage too high
60178B2P31B2Vehicle insulation seriously faulty
61179B3P31B3Severe insulation failure inside the battery pack
62189BDP31BDEEPROM failure
631267EP317EBDU over temperature
64201C9P31C917823 chip self-diagnosis unit undervoltage

PCU fault code

DTC(decimal )
Workshop manual
DTC English description
1472F2FBlocking fault
2483030Voltage detected circuit fault
3493131Data storage abnormal
4503232IGBT temperature sensor self-test failure
5815151Motor overspeed warning fault
6825252Three-phase overcurrent warning fault
7835353PCU overvoltage warning
8845454PCU undervoltage warning
9855555Motor over temperature warning
10865656PCU over temperature warning
11895959IGBT over temperature warning
12162A2A2Motor overspeed fault
13163A3A3Three-phase overcurrent fault
14164A4A4PCU overvoltage
15165A5A5PCU undervoltage
16166A6A6Motor over temperature
17167A7A7PCU over temperature
18168A8A8PCU power module failure
19169A9A9IGBT failure
20170AAAAMotor rotor position sensor failure
21171ABABMotor temperature sensor self-test failure
22178B2B2CAN communication failure
23179B3B3IGBT over temperature
24232E8E8W-phase current sensor circuit fault
25233E9E9V-phase current sensor circuit fault
26234EAEAU-phase current sensor circuit fault
27235EBEBW-phase current sensor self-test failure
28236ECECV-phase current sensor self-test failure
29237EDEDU-phase current sensor self-test failure
30238EEEEPCU temperature sensor self-test failure
31243F3F3Driving low voltage power supply failure
32244F4F4Traction motor input missing phase

Air conditioning compressor fault code list

Workshop manual
故障名称DTC English description
1111压缩机腔体温度过高Compressor chamber temperature too high
2222压缩机腔体温度达到一定限值Compressor chamber temperature reaches a certain limit
3333压缩机过流Compressor overcurrent
4444压缩机过载Compressor overload
5555输入直流欠压Input DC undervoltage
6666输入直流过压Input DC overvoltage
7777压缩机无法接收面板信号Compressor cannot receive the panel signal
8888压缩机无法接收整车信号Compressor cannot receive the vehicle signal
999checksum1校核失败Checksum1 check failed
1010Achecksum2校核失败Checksum2 check failed

Air conditioning panel fault code list

SNDTC(decimal )DTC(hexadecimal)DTC
Workshop manual
DTC English description
111The panel cannot receive or transmit communication signals
2223Evaporator temperature sensor short circuit
3334Evaporator temperature sensor open circuit
4445Incar temperature sensor short circuit
5556Indoor temperature sensor open circuit
6667Ambient temperature sensor short circuit
7778Ambient temperature sensor open circuit
8889Temperature servo motor short circuit or open circuit
99910The motor is faulty and has not reached the specified position within the specified time.
1010A11Mode servo motor short circuit
1111B12The motor is faulty and has not reached the specified position within the specified time.
1212C13PTC temperature sensor short circuit
1313D14PTC temperature sensor open circuit
1414EPTC switch failure

Charger fault code list

DTC(decimal )DTC(hexadecimal)DTC
Workshop manual
DTC English description
111P3301AC input overvoltage
222P3302AC input undervoltage
333P3303DC output overvoltage
444P3304DC output undervoltage
555P3306PFC voltage too high
666P3305PFC voltage too low
777P3307Charger temperature too high
888P3308Output overcurrent
999P3309Temperature sensor failure
1010AP330aCannot receive VCU messages
1111BP330bAbnormal current command
1212CP330cAbnormal voltage command
1313DP330dCC loop detection abnormal
1414EP330eCP loop detection abnormal
1515FHigh voltage interlock failure